Service Bureau

Service Bureau Solution

Regulatory issues and added IT demands put on community banks today have created the demand for MBS to look at new opportunities to service and partner with our financial institutions.  We offer a complete outsourced Service Bureau solution.  We’ll maintain and support your financial institution’s computer processing needs for a price that is cost-effective, nontransaction based, and at a robust and secure data center location.

Need a few reasons to switch to the MBS Service Bureau solution? Here’s  a dozen . . .

  1. Completes nightly, quarterly, year-end updates
  2. Reduces the amount of time spent on IT and resolving technical problems
  3. Solves Same Day ACH processing needs
  4. Improves productivity and efficiency
  5. Controls and reduces operating costs
  6. Save on infrastructure costs
  7. Better security and reliability
  8. Multiple layers of data redundancy
  9. Frees resources for other purposes
  10. Get the best technology and equipment available
  11. Lowers regulatory compliance burden
  12. Processes delivered by experts