Equipment Hosting Benefits

  1. We relocate your servers and miscellaneous equipment from your bank into a secure data center within a few miles of MBS and our technicians.
  2. Valuable floor space can be reclaimed and reassigned.
  3. We guarantee that all of your equipment is in working order after we move it and reinstall it in the data center.
  4. Your disaster recovery plans and your business continuity plans are greatly improved because your equipment is secure.
  5. The data center atmospherics, power, and security are monitored at all times to assure proper working order.
  6. We take on all equipment maintenance and patching which keeps your bank running smoothly and your employees productive.
  7. Quick response time by our technicians means less equipment downtime.
  8. Enhances your bank’s image by promoting security and reliability to your customers and investors.
  9. Never worry again about losing data or remembering to back up your data. We’ll set up automated daily backups.
  10. We’ll load all of the new releases for you. No more staying late after closing.