Essentia Core

Modern Banking Systems’ one company for all of your needs concept provides all of the technology needed for a fully integrated, real-time core data processing solution for your community bank. We’re dedicated to working in partnership with the community banker to provide a total real-time core processing solution that includes complete support of hardware and software platforms. MBS is one the best bank software providers for community banks.

Essential Software solution

Essentia is our real-time core bank processing software that supports community banks coast to coast. Essentia supports community banks with market-leading in-house, hosted, service center, and service bureau core processing solutions. Our core represents the latest innovation in core banking technology. It’s a fully integrated, flexible, and secure core solution for data processing in banks. With extensive research and development, our software designers have structured Essentia for today’s community bank.

Essentia is a complete core processing solution and is one of the most advanced and powerful financial software solutions available for community bank management today. Your core banking system empowers the success of your customers, employees, and bank. And with Essentia, you’ll have the control needed and the flexibility to access and manage all of your bank’s information. We’re a small company made up of big thinkers who believe the right core technology is imperative if banks want to be competitive, maximize efficiency, and to continue meeting the needs of our ever-changing world.

Essentia provides the right products, improves operations, reduces costs, and mitigates risk (we understand banking regulations and compliance issues) while allowing you to view all of your customer’s data, relationships, and transactions in a real-time environment. Essentia is a browser-based, on-line real-time banking solution that will provide you with the competitive edge to lead in today’s financial marketplace. It’s a system that’s scalable, straightforward, as well as cost-effective.

Essentia core software provides complete accounting packages in an open systems technology environment. Our application software is portable; therefore, migration to a more powerful platform does not require the repurchase of new application software. This provides equity protection of your investment. In fact, MBS has never recharged a customer for application software purchased from us and there are no annual license fees.

Our goal is to improve your bank’s efficiency, save you money, and keep you competitive by integrating the latest technologies. Essentia is one of the industry’s finest complete core solutions, and it comes with the MBS commitment to product, security, and support excellence. Moreover, we offer unequaled customer service to help you resolve issues quickly and help you realize opportunities. MBS is your technology partner that provides integrated solutions either in-house, hosted, service center, or service bureau.

  • Real-time electronic banking in a safe, secure, and reliable environment for ATM, debit card, mobile banking, telephone banking, and Internet banking
  • E-statements for your customer’s convenience
  • A completely integrated new accounts platform
  • A complete and robust loan platform integration designed to streamline boarding of loans
  • A full item image and document suite uniquely integrated, providing enhanced productivity
  • ExecVue provides the bank executive with timely information regarding the bank’s status
  • PDF Core System Reports for quick and easy information transfer
  • Full IT service solutions providing your bank complete data security, Patch Management, and System Administration

Real-time Electronic Banking

• ATM/Debit Card
• Telephone Banking
• Internet Banking

Essentia Integrated Imaging Suite

Spectra Item Imaging powered by Essentia, provides the very latest technology in image capture solution, allowing your community bank to operate at a higher level of efficiency. Features include:
  • Share images across an internal network.
  • Images accessible through MBS core accounting Essentia software.
  • Flexible remote data entry–scan images at one location; balancing and error correction, or processing is performed at another location.
  • Fully integrated into MBS proof system.
  • Laser printed image statement with check images saves time and mailing costs.
  • Statement reconstruction is fast and easy.
  • Distribute checks and statements electronically by DVD or Internet bank provider.
  • CAR/LAR capable (Courtesy Amount Recognition/Legal Amount Recognition).
  • Research and retrieval time is electronic and fast for the ultimate customer service.
  • High-image quality verified immediately.
  • Validates incoming cash letter items.
  • Historically reproduce cash letters or any batches by exact sequencing of items.
  • Bank has complete control over which users have access to specific functions.
  • Scan, edit, balance, and print from a single screen.
  • Screens for different functions can be accessed simultaneously.
  • Spectra provides an off-line option.
  • Full security access to a system.
  • Up to 60 months of on-line storage.
  • Automated electronic sorting of digital images using these indexes:
    • Account Number
    • Dollar Amount
    • Transaction
    • Item Type
    • Check Number
    • Date Range
    • Code ABA Number
    • Cash Letter
 Essentia Document Imaging and Management is a full document image, archival, and management system for any picture, image, or document that can be saved in a digital format. Eliminate outdated paper file retrieval methods. Backup documents off-site and improve document compliance systems within the bank.  The source of the digital image can be either a file, attached scanner, or attached to a digital camera. Features and benefits include:
  • Fully integrated with MBS core system
  • Automated tracking feature
  • Centralized storage
  • Complete security access
  • Customer and document note
  • Complete tickler system
  • Custom reporting
  • Distributed scanning
  • Enhance customer service
  • Fast retrieval enhances productivity

Essentia Photo and Signature Identification Imaging is an integrated imaging solution allowing you to capture, archive, and display customer photos and signature cards from any workstation to assist in verifying customer’s identity.  The source of the digital image can be either a file, attached scanner, or attached to a digital camera. Features include:

  • Centralized storage of images on network image server
  • Core system images integration
  • Remote branch image capture
  • Fast image retrieval display via Essentia core and teller
  • Digitize customer photos and signatures for fast retrieval and verification
  • Distributed scanning from multiple locations
  • Eliminates paper document storage
  • Fully integrated, on-line solution with MBS core software package
  • Industry standard digital imaging technologies
  • Multiple capture methods: table top scanner, on-line digital camera, or digital file
  • On-line and quick verification reduces risk fraud
  • User definable descriptions
  • View of print images


• 24/7 access to statements provides customer convenience.
• A secure full statement with images delivery.
• Increased savings with the elimination of paper statements and postage costs.

On-line Teller Platform Integration

• Automated cash drawer balancing provides increased productivity and efficiency.
• Cash control and monitoring, CTRs, remote supervisor overrides.
• Improves customer service with on-line and real-time MEMO posting and CIF integration.
• Printed customer receipts, official bank checks, management reports.

On-line Deposit Platform Integration

• Provides compliance.
• Streamlined account opening process.
• Seamless integration to the MBS Core System.
• Electronic laser generated forms.
• Preview forms on-line.

Loan Platform Interface

• Automatically transfer your loan information.
• Enhances compliance function.
• Complete security control.
• Eliminate potential costly errors.

Essentia Reporting Systems

• Range Application Report Writer.
• Query and Reports Relational Database Report Writer.
• More than 200 standard system reports.
• Management Information Reporting System.

Asset/Liability Management

Essentia Asset/Liability Manager is a dynamic Interest Rate Risk reporting and management tool.  Analyze and report risk on demand accurately and manage the bank’s interest margins proactively to improve earnings.  ALM is an efficient method to provide you with important decision tools.  Interest rate risk measurement assumptions, advanced analytics of duration and equity-at-risk testing can be accomplished with ease.  Target future rates and balances to achieve desired interest margin goals.  Complete, concise Board and Management Reporting satisfy fiduciary responsibilities.  All tests are performed with your live data.

• Manage interest rate risk exposure
• On-demand management and board reports
• Advance analytics of duration and equity-at-risk testing
• Dynamic modeling capability

Profit Planner

Although every financial institution may have a different interpretation of Profit Planner, one underlying objective is clear:  to maximize earnings.  Financial institutions must be prepared to meet increasing risks by being better equipped to monitor and react to external forces that impact earnings.

Changing and ever aggressive competition, economic uncertainty, and current regulatory volatility all can impact future earnings.  It’s important to know what and where your costs are and where you are going before you can make truly informed decisions regarding strategic bank planning.

The Profit Planner is a financial management information tool developed by bankers for bankers.  The reporting capabilities allow you to see the performance of your bank in an informative and easy to understand manner. It’s a coordinated financial analysis tool providing comparisons to historical marks.

More than just a management information reporting tool;  it is a planning tool.  It’ll assist you in creating future profit plans by analyzing the historical performance of your institution and making future predictions based upon this information and your current assumptions.  During the year, it’ll assist you in evaluating your profit plan performance and allow you to modify or create new plans as a result of actual, current year results,    and report expected full year potential.

• Analyze bank performance to maximize earnings
• Prepare budgets and board reports
• Five-year performance monitoring
• Dynamic modeling capability
• Report Writer

Archive Data DVD Solution

• Maximum protection of your data
• Inquiries are fast, easy, and on-line
• Multiple redundancies are built into the system

PDF Core System Reports

• Turn core system reports into PDFs
• Fast, easy transfer of information