Service Center

Modern Banking Systems’ Service Center solution will provide many of the functions and services of a traditional service bureau (outsourced). You’re in complete control; whatever your needs are, if it’s software assistance, hardware, or IT security, we’ll work with you to define exactly the level of service that best suits your needs.

Software Plus
Software Plus is an in-depth core processing software service to help keep your bank running efficiently so you can focus on what’s really important–your customers. You have control of all your data; we’ll perform the services of your choice.

MBS Software Plus include:

  1. Release installation
  2. Weekly and quarterly regulatory reporting
  3. Custom report generation
  4. AL Management and reporting
  5. Year-end reporting
  6. Meetings, seminars, and training packages
  7. Annual on-site evaluation
  8. Miscellaneous other services

Hardware Plus

Some of the most frustrating problems for you to resolve are equipment maintenance and data communications issues. It can feel like you’re always in the middle and everyone is blaming the other party for the problem; additionally, no one is speaking in terms you understand. Let MBS Hardware Maintenance and Support take that frustration away with Hardware Plus.

Hardware Plus is a complete data communications service and support system that can be customized to your exact requirements.

On your behalf and to your specifications we’ll work with the data communications companies to procure, install, support, and provide what is necessary for a quick resolution. MBS Hardware Plus is here is serve you. We want to take you out of the middle. You’ll make only one phone call to report the problem, we’ll take it from there.

Some additional advantages of Hardware Plus include:
• MBS will coordinate all your data communications service calls
• Maintain your data communications equipment
• Research available data communication solutions
• MBS will order your data communication solutions for you

The only thing you have to do is take care of your customers!

Security Plus

Security Plus is a robust security service designed to keep sensitive bank customer information safe and secure. In today’s environment, it’s necessary that customer information is maintained in a manner that is securely configured, updated, and monitored. The specific services you would like MBS to perform is entirely up to you, you have all of the control.

Patch Management

Complete service for all Windows® operating systems, add-ons including Flash Player®, Shockwave®, and other applications (Microsoft® Office, Adobe®, Internet Explorer®, etc.) provided on-line patching is available from the application’s publisher.  Patching service is available monthly, quarterly, or on demand. Patch Management includes:

  • A before and after disaster recovery backup for all servers and PCs
  • A patching report will identify the patching performed on each applicable server and PC
  • MBS will perform a security analysis for each server and PC and work with you to implement needed changes

Perimeter Security

Protects your confidential data by building a wall around your network to mitigate the risk of data loss through Internet connections.

On and off-site data backups

A fully managed service for secure storage of your systems data for local, remote, or cloud storage.

Data Destruction Service

A simple to use data destruction service to help you stay in compliance and adhere to state and federal regulations.