Core Bank Processing Solutions

For more than 50 years, community banks have relied on MBS to deliver innovative core bank processing solutions and best-in-banking service to help them become more competitive, compliant, and profitable.
MBS delivers today and tomorrow.

Banks are forced to think hard about the very meaning of the way they do business. Old models are no longer valid and banks need to catch up fast or risk losing market share and opportunities.

With new technologies available, consumer demand changes across all financial institutions, particularly for things to be faster, more convenient, and easier than ever. It’s not easy, but we’re always looking ahead and exploring new ideas for our customers.  We know that banks have goals so our goal is to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. Every day, we plan and work on the future of banking. It’s our mission and it started yesterday.


Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at MBS and they have been since we started in 1963. We’re driven by our mission to build trust and opportunity with our customers and we have goals that can only be attained through a partnership.

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Partner with us and you’ll put your bank in a position to turn goals into reality.

Essentia represents the latest advancements in core bank software designed specifically for community banks. Our core bank processing solution is a total package for your bank’s data processing needs. Our core bank processing solution includes:

  • Loans and Deposits
  • Reporting
  • Boosting efficiency
  • Increasing productivity
  • Controlling costs
  • Putting you ahead of game
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Regulatory compliance

Bank core processing solutionsModern Banking Systems is a real-time core bank software technology company with new ideas and an unstoppable desire to improve. We employ a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what it takes to make your community bank competitive and successful.

In today’s complex world, keeping up with increasing regulations and new technology, plus trying to meet your customer’s demands has become increasingly difficult for community banks. Banks are struggling to keep up, both in terms of their external competition and their internal operations. From not making enough money to increased regulatory pressures to adapting to changing customer needs, banks are facing new challenges every day. MBS is continuously looking toward the future, delivering solutions that will work today and planning for tomorrow.

We have spent more than five decades developing the knowledge and expertise that has made our company and many, many community banks successful. With our bank and software development experience, we have earned the reputation for being a core processing leader. We understand the bank industry and its trends; therefore, we have the expertise necessary to create solutions specifically designed to meet your community bank’s unique needs.

We offer:

  • Cost-effective real-time core processing solutions that will drive efficiency, expand your customer base and satisfaction, roll out new services, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Conversions with minimal disruptions of business operations.
  • You can use your processes and products that work and invest in newer technology for those that don’t work.
  • Faster service. Our size enables us to deliver and adapt new products and services faster than our larger competitors.
  • Customer service your way. Customers are the lifeblood our our company. We understand that the number one reason of our success is our commitment to customer satisfaction.

So why partner with us?

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at and it has been since we started in 1963. We’re driven by our mission to build trust and opportunity with every bank we serve and we have ambitious goals that can only be achieved by partnering with community banks.

Banks have changed over the past 50 years. Seldom seen are the rows of tellers or even customers standing in use core software on mobile deviceslines waiting to make their weekly deposit. Fast forward 50 years. Todays customers transfer money, deposit checks, and pay bills all from a laptop or smart phone. Yes, banks have changed considerably. Constantly evolving technology has had a huge impact on the banking industry, creating new challenges but also bringing new partnership opportunities. Modern Banking Systems is committed to building strong and trustworthy relationships with community banks in addition to providing a total banking solution. Our goal is to empower all community banks to meet their customer needs, to contend with regulatory pressures, and to effectively compete with their competitors. Dedicated to working in partnership with the community banker to provide a total real-time core bank solution, we include complete ongoing support of hardware and software platforms.

Our core processing system is designed just for community banks. Community banks come to MBS because we focus on the most critical issues and opportunities in order to help them achieve results. Banks want solutions, not issues. With us, they see solutions. Powerful solutions. Delivered.

Essentia Real-time Core Data Processing Solution
Browser Interface Technology
Complete Accounting Packages

IT Security
MBS+Security is a full-service provider
Guaranteed site security
Complete Network Analysis

Hardware & Networks
IBM RISC high performance servers
Work Group/Enterprise/Data Center Servers
Company-wide network management

Service and Support
Software and hardware maintenance
Phone Support and On-Site service

Service Center
Software Plus
Hardware Plus
Security Plus with Patch Management

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer three distinct data processing software solutions that will surely fit your needs:

  1. In-house
  2. Service Bureau
  3. Hosted