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Core Processing Solutions for Community Banks
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The way banks do business has significantly changed over the past several years due to technology advancements in core bank processing.

Since 1975, Modern Banking Systems has specialized in fully integrated, flexible, and secure core bank processing software solutions that meet the diverse demands of today’s community banks and their customers. Our innovative core banking solutions and responsive service strengthen your bank’s infrastructure, enabling you to deliver best-in-banking to your customers.

chris reid independence bank, Kentucky

“Independence Bank still operates as a family owned community bank, just as it has for the past 100 years. Since 1980, Modern Banking Systems has been a part of our family by partnering with us to better serve the needs of our customers and communities. MBS has proven to be a good fit for Independence Bank, both yesterday and today.”

Chris Reid, Independence Bank
Over 1.8 billion in assets

The MBS core processing solution empowers community banks to meet customer needs, cope with regulatory pressures, and effectively compete in today’s market. With a wide range of options available, we can design and implement a fully integrated core system or complement your current system with critical components to transform your current investment.

MBS haContact Uss a core bank processing solution to meet your community bank’s needs. Each solution takes advantage of being seamlessly integrated with our other specialized products. Whether you want your system in-house, hosted, or in a outsourced service bureau, dedicated hosting or managed services, we have a core solution to accommodate your unique needs.

Essentia delivers the competitive edge for community banks like yours. Essentia is the state-of-the-art, flexible, and scalable core solution for complete community bank management that you’ve been expecting. It’s the only core your bank will ever need. Essentia is a real-time leading-edge core technology that makes your customer’s accounts and transactions convenient and easy to find. Essentia gives you total control and flexibility in accessing and managing your information to fit your needs. Our core integrates with ATM and card services, Internet, telephone, and mobile banking, e-statements, bill pay and so much more. Your choices are limitless. Essentia is one of the industry’s leading core solution and MBS is committed to product, security, and support excellence.

What is core banking technology?

The core banking system is the software used to support a bank’s most common transactions. It’s the behind-the-scenes engine that processes customer data, daily banking transactions, deposits, payments, loans, and posts updates to accounts and other financial records. Core banking solutions rely on computer and Internet technology to deliver the kind of financial service experience today’s customer’s want.

Core banking technology allows a bank to centralize its record keeping and allows customers to access their information and stay connected using their computer or mobile device 24/7. As an example, a deposit made at one bank location is reflected immediately on the bank’s servers; in turn, the customer can withdraw the deposited money from any of the bank’s branches or ATM.

Core banking services include mortgages, deposits, loan and credit processing capabilities, with interfaces to general ledger systems, and reporting tools. Banks make these services available to their customers across multiple channels like ATMs, Internet banking, mobile banking, and branches.

The advancement in core banking technology leads to new ways of doing business. These technologies help community banks reallocate labor costs, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

  • We understand banking and the need to move forward.
  • We listen to clients, customers, and the banking community.
  • We deliver core banking solutions that fit today and well into the future.

 Are you looking at the right coreLooking for a new core?

Here are a few things to think about when looking for a new core:

  1. Objectives – will the core help you meet your bank’s objectives?
  2. Price – does the price tag fit into your budget?
  3. Speed –  does the software run as fast as you work?
  4. Convenience –  is the software easy to use for employees and customers?
  5. Scalable – is the core software scalable and easily updated as your needs change?
  6. Reputation – does the vendor have a strong, positive business reputation?
  7. Trustworthiness – can you trust your vendor for advise and solutions?
  8. Features – what features are offered and will they work with your current system?
  9. ROI – how much revenue will the core software generate?
  10. Customers – will the core help drive business your way?
  11. Flexibility- will the core software work with current programs and services?
  12. Innovation – what does one core offer over another?
  13. Upgrade – can you upgrade the software as rules and regulations change?
  14. Customize – does the vendor understand your bank and your uniqueness?
  15. Power – can you customize the core solutions to fit your needs?
  16. Security – does the core platform provide and end-to-end protection to the customer’s accounts?
  17. Choices – does the vendor offer in-house, service bureau, and out-sourced solutions?
  18. Real-time – does the core provide real-time, secure transactions for your customers?

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