The Modern Banking Systems core banking software platform is a top-rated CORE solution for community banks

The MBS core banking software platform combines simple functionality with innovative technology in an easily upgradable application. Our clients benefit from real-time core technology that allows for easy integration and infinite scalability, in turn enabling them to significantly outperform the competition.

We know the daily challenges and regulations facing community banks. We believe that banks need to have the right services and core technology in place if they want to retain customers and to compete in today’s marketplace.

Modern Banking Systems serves the banking community with a full suite of integrated core and ancillary software solutions. Our real-time core solutions deliver profitability, efficiency, security, and the latest data core processing technology for community banks to better serve customers. The Essentia core is continually evolving with customer-driven enhancements, innovative technology solutions, and strict regulatory compliance. As a total solutions provider, we offer  Service BureauService CenterHosted, and In-house data processing alternatives along with a host of managed services such as digital banking solutions, payment processing, full IT security, regulatory compliance solutions, real-time teller platform, customized reporting, item and document imaging, and equipment hosting services. We’ve been a leader in the banking industry for more than 50 years and we’ve built a strong reputation as a trusted partner delivering solutions that will keep your bank strong and ahead of the competition.

How our core banking software solution helps

  • Real-time, enhances the end-user experience
  • Easy to use, easy to learn
  • Drives efficiency
  • Enhances customer service
  • Streamline back-office operations
  • Improves security and overall competitiveness
  • Mitigates risk
  • Scalable, reliable, and flexible
  • Lower operating and training costs
  • Promotes growth
  • Top-rated, future-proof technology
  • In business more than 50 years
  • Supports all services and products
  • Complies with rules and regulations
  • Powerful, delivers results
  • Built to meet your bank’s objectives

Our core banking data processing solutions have a unique combination of services and features that strengthen your bank’s infrastructure, allowing you to deliver best-in-banking to your customers. Our expertise and cost-effective bank core processing solutions keep banks ahead of the competition with technology that customers expect, updates that regulations require, and support that ensures a smooth operation. Our core data processing system is constantly evolving with ongoing customer-driven enhancements, new technology, and strict regulatory compliance. We focus on performance, compliance, and security so you can focus on banking.

For more than 50 years, Modern Banking Systems and Interstate Business Equipment has been providing community banks with bank equipment such as HP printers, monitors, keyboards, images scanners, webcams, receipt printers, signature pads, image processors, work station equipment, routers, switches, firewalls, servers, NUCs, and PCs.

Some of our services include IT security, disaster recovery, hot site solutions, business continuity services, data destruction services, and core data processing software solutions that allow banks to take advantage of smarter products and better core data processing technology. Our powerful core data processing solutions, bank equipment, and our vast number of ancillary software makes us your single source solution provider. Our reputation is based on quality, reliability, and rock-solid integrity.

We’re the only core banking software company you’ll ever need. Take advantage of the latest advances in core technology and see how a partnership with Modern Banking Systems can help your community bank.

We offer a complete Service Bureau (outsourced) option for our clients. Your data is stored on servers in a very secure N+1 Data Center located in Omaha, Nebraska with an on-line backup data center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Your files are automatically and continuously backed up.  Both Data Centers are located in carrier hotels with extensive reliability, security, and redundancies built into the center.